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instrumentalist and electronic synthesizer composer from the Republic of Niger. His music has enjoyed wide acclaim throughout the country through his underground releases of unlabeled digital recordings on memory cards. Creating at the convergence of disparate influences, such as.



Here is a lovely Japanese release and pressing of Kalyani Roy. There is not a lot of recorded work by this artist, but the two volumes by Denon are very nice. I’ll be posting Volume II next. The release year is unknown, but I’m guessing it is about 1986, as there was a CD released in this year containing tracks from both volumes. The CD is however harder to obtain than the LP and also does not include the first track of this Volume – Raga Todi. Considering the pressing is so good, the CD and LP would be fairly comparable in quality anyway. On tabla Manick Das! Please feel free to comment with facts and trivia about Kalyani Roy.


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Founded by Dominican-born Johnny Pacheco and Italian-American Jerry Masucci in 1964, Fania Records took its name from a song by Cuban singer Reinaldo Bolaño and made international legends of a mostly pan-Latin roster including Puerto Ricans Cheo Feliciano, Héctor Lavoe, Adalberto Santiago, and Bobby Valentín; Panamanian Rubén Blades; Cuban Celia Cruz; and New Yorkers Ray Barretto, Willie Colón, and Larry Harlow (Lawrence Ira Kahn).